Soraia O. is an illustrator and graphic designer from Maia city, currently living in Braga, Portugal.

She has a Graphic Design degree, and a master’s degree in Illustration and Animation from “Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave”.
Currently she divides her days between the office where she works full-time drawing clothes for Kids and her personal office where she develops freelance projects.

She has participated in several competitions, exhibitions and various editorial publications such as Jornal de Barcelos, Jornal de Notícias, among others.
In 2018 she edited her first books – “Foge, Rato!”, In collaboration with illustrator Hélder Barbosa and Editora Magus, and “História da Carochinha and Other Portuguese Popular Tales” with publisher 2020.
In 2019 she was awarded an honorable mention by the international magazine 3×3 with the project “A Lagoa”.

Through a world full of nature, Soraia O. explores watercolors and other materials to do what she better likes to do… illustrate.